Sunday, 7 November 2010

NOTD: Nails Inc Savile Row

Like every other nail polish addict in the country, I was excited to hear that Glamour magazine was giving away a free bottle of Nails Inc nail polish with its December issue. I am not really a fan of Nails Inc, but I am a sucker for free things, even if it means I have to buy a magazine I normally avoid! I picked up Savile Row, as I already have similar shades to the other three polishes and thought it looked like a nice shade in the bottle. Just put it on now and, as is often the case with Nails Inc polishes, I am pretty disappointed. The polish is thick and gloopy, making it tricky to apply. The finish is uneven. It also refused to dry, so I have already taken it off.

The colour is really lovely, but that is the only redeeming feature. I'm glad I didn't pay the full price...

Here's a picture, which actually shows how gloopy and uneven the polish is;

It doesn't look like I took much care and attention applying it, does it?! But I promise I did!

 All in all, not impressed. Definitely not going to buy more copies of the magazine to get the other colours.


  1. I'm not keen on Nails Inc either. I got a polish free with a mag a while ago and while the colour was beautiful, the application was rubbish and it chipped very easily. It's a shame really.

  2. I've had quite a few free Nails Inc polishes and most have them have left me feeling distinctly unimpressed. I got one free with Diet Coke earlier and the year which bucked the trend - a gorgeous pink shade that applied easily and lasted for days - but they seem to have gone back to their old ways :(


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