Monday, 13 December 2010

Errr, I think I have a problem...

Whilst bored last night, I decided to swatch all of my nail polishes so that it would be easier to pick a colour each time I wanted to paint my nails (err, every day then...). I think I must be slightly obsessed, as all I can think about now is buying more colours so that I can have a completed plate... Here are some (poor quality, as ever) pictures. Sorry about the smudging, I intend to sort this out ASAP!

55 different polishes on here, and that's without my many base coats and top coats! Eek. Can anyone beat me? Please?!


  1. Gosh ... now I want a plate ... :D

  2. omg I love this what a fab idea!!
    I'd love to say I can beat you but I don't think I've got much over 30 and that including base and topcoats lol! :D x

  3. 30 seems a sensible amount, fashion brick road! I really do think I have a problem...

    BDG, get a plate! Do it! Then blog it!


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