Thursday, 2 December 2010

Zoya Facebook giveaway

I saw this on the brilliant Never Enough Nails blog and thought I'd repost to give you all a chance to join in the fun! Zoya are giving each of their Facebook followers three (yes, three!) free nail polishes if they reach 20,000 fans by 3rd January. So what are you waiting for?! Join now and urge your followers and friends to do the same! You can follow the company here

Image from Your Daily Thread - another great website to check out!


  1. I've never tried Zoya polishes before, they look lovely colours. I'm off to follow.

  2. Repost on your blog so we can get as many followers as possible!

  3. Damn, the offer is only valid for those in the US! Perhaps they'll do the UK/Europe next time? x

  4. Oo, those colours are nice! Pity about the offer only being valid in the US, but at least it's something nice to check out sometime. :)

  5. It's only valid for the US :( which is a shame as I would love three free polishes!!


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