Monday, 6 December 2010

NOTD: ASOS Ciate Alexa and Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Topcoat

FIRSTLY - apologies for the hideous spaces between the text and pictures in this post, and the fact that the photos aren't aligned. I CANNOT sort it out! I blame Blogger.

Inspired by the lovely Kirsty at The Leopard Anchor, I decided to try my Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Topcoat over a dark navy shade, in my case ASOS Ciate Alexa. I am pretty sure that she actually used GOSH Rainbow in her NOTD, but I bought the Andrea Fulerton Gemstone shade as I couldn't find the GOSH colour anywhere and had heard that Gemstone was a pretty good dupe. You can find her post here. I haven't put a matte topcoat on yet as I am a little bit in love with the shininess! May pop the matte on tomorrow, depending on how I feel. As ever, photos are rubbish but give you some idea of the effect. I love it! Apologies for not tidying up my nails. 



Also, should I press "confirm" on my Topshop order?


  1. I have to say I love the shininess of a polish rather than matte.

  2. YES. Confirm it right now if not sooner.

    I do love 'the Kirst', heh. How's the quality on the Fulerton? My 'Drug has managed not to fail again and actually has the range in, but those double-ended bottles scare the bejesus out of me so I haven't dared try any yet.

    It does look good, great colour contrast.

  3. Helen, I love matte but sometimes there's nothing better than a super-shiny nail! I have been staring at these all day and have had so many compliments.

    Konni, I haven't pressed confirm yet. Don't know what's wrong with me! The Andrea Fullerton Gemstone isn't a double-ended bottle, so it's infintely less-scary... Try it! So far, I am really impressed! Nail polish has been on for 24 hours with no chips. Although this could actually be because I haven't used Seche Vite, which tends to make my polish peel off in one go...


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