Friday, 24 December 2010

Urban Outfitters sale, and a dilemma...

Ok, so I said to my husband that I'd have a clothing clearout next week and get rid of anything I haven't worn in the last year or so. I also said that I'd stop buying clothes for a while as I really don't need anything else, save for a new pair of brown boots as mine died last week. All well and good, but then I received the inevitable SALE email from Urban Outfitters (one of my favourite shops) and stupidly clicked the link... My initial basket came to £203.99, but I whittled it down to three items at £15 each. The three items are different colours of the same jersey cardigan, and I already have the other colour on offer so know that they would fit and wash well. Here they are:

I wear jersey cardigans all the time, and was only saying last week that I could do with a couple more as some of my old Topshop ones have seen better days. These should be £32, and are now £15 each - a bargain in my eyes as I was happy to pay £32 for the grey one and haven't been disappointed with it. So I have a dilemma; do I buy the cardigans and risk being a massive hypocrite, or do I leave them and risk being annoyed at myself in a couple of weeks when I am cold and they have sold out? 

Looking forward to the clearout, by the way. I have too much stuff that I just don't wear, and also I'm sure I have some hidden gems buried underneath the mountain of cheap Primark blouses that I've worn and washed just the once. The mission is to clear the crap and leave myself with a much smaller, versatile wardrobe that I hope will actually make me wear more of my clothes as at present I tend to just wear and wash the same few things over and over again to save me having to rummage into the depths of my chest of drawers.


  1. Ooh I only discovered Urban Outfitters last week, there is a shop in my local town, I shall have to pop in to the sale!
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Buy them! It's an investment and you'll use them for years!
    Also Merry Christmas! Thanks for following <3 xx

  3. I ordered them! Just got to wait for them to arrive now!

    I was very good today - I was given £60 for Christmas (as well as a mountain of presents, I feel so lucky) and I spent it on a Diana Mini Starter Kit rather than clothes :)

    The Great Wardrobe Clearout will commence tomorrow at 10am...


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