Thursday, 27 January 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

I broke my New Year's Clothing Resolution (i.e. no clothes 'til April 1st), in the shape of this Dorothy Perkins skirt:
Camel colour block skirt, £26
Whoops... I was just really concerned that it would sell out by April and as I've been eyeing it up for ages I didn't want to risk being disappointed. I had a minor dilemma when buying it though. I took an 8 and a 10 into the changing rooms (I am usually a size 10 on the bottom, but find DP sizes pretty big) and both fit. The 8 fitted perfectly on the waist, and the 10 fitted perfectly on the hips. It took a good ten minutes of staring at myself in the mirror to decide on which one to buy - the lady looking after the changing rooms must have wondered what on Earth was going on! I settled on the 10 in the end as it fell slightly longer (obviously) and I think it is a more flattering length on me.

I don't think this will be the end of my resolution as such, just a minor blip...

EDIT - so it turns out the 10 actually is too big for me! I am taking it back on Tuesday after work, I really hope they still have the 8 in stock. Damn vanity sizing!


  1. It is a lovely skirt! You shouldn't feel bad! I'm quite tempted by it now actually.. I don't think I have anything that would really go with it though.

  2. That is a lovely skirt. I have a feeling it'd be a very *un*flattering length on me, but I can just imagine you looking fabulous in it!

  3. It's actually too big, I put it on yesterday (luckily without taking the tag off) and by the time I'd walked from my wardrobe to my mirror (about 2m!) it had twisted round completely! I must have been having a bloated day when I bought it. I hope they have a smaller one when I take it back. Bah humbug!

  4. Thankyou for the follow!
    I think i would break a new years resolution for this shirt, nom!

  5. What a lovely skirt! Vanity sizing is such a pain in the ass. I work in a vintage clothing shop and always have to explain that if a 1970s dress says 'size 18' on the label just ignore it, the only answer is to try it on and see what happens.

  6. @ GRUNGE+GLAM - Thanks! It's AMAZING, isn't it?! I hope they have it in a smaller size on Saturday, when I can finally get into town.

    @ northwest is best - I KNOW! I pretty much ignore size labels in all shops to be honest, you can just never tell! I just take a couple into the changing rooms and judge by the fit.


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