Thursday, 19 August 2010

Make-up Review: Topshop Skin Tint

Like many others, I was very excited when Topshop released their much-anticipated make-up range earlier in the year. Unfortunately, none of my local branches stock it (they are tiny) and I don't like ordering make-up online if I haven't tried it before so I had to wait a while before I could try any of it. I bought a few products when I visited Bath a couple of months ago, and a couple more in Glasgow at the end of July and have been impressed with the quality - I'm a MAC girl normally, so it's nice to find products on a similar level (in my opinion) but which aren't quite as expensive.

The first product I'd like to review is the Skin Tint, which I bought after reading many good reviews online. I alternate between using foundation (MAC Studio Tech) and tinted moisturiser (Benefit You Rebel Lite) and thought this would be a good compromise! I have fairly pale skin (MAC NW15/20) and ended up buying the palest shade, called "fair". I really liked the look of the product, and was impressed by the price (£10). 

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Good points; 
* the packaging is lovely
* lovely consistency
* blends well
* long-lasting
* good value for money.

Bad points; 
* not a great colour match owing to the fact that there are only four shades (whilst I am pale, I am certainly not the palest person I know, so there's no option for very pale people, and there are also no options for black skin and I'm not sure if the available colours would work on Asian skin)
* leaves a sheen on the skin which I don't like and end up covering with mattifying powder.

So, although I don't hate the product, I don't think I'll be buying it again. If the colour match was perfect, I'd reconsider though as it's good for days when I don't want the full coverage of a foundation.



  1. Sucks that there is no pale shade, why must they ignore us!!! Lovely new blog by the way :)


  2. I know :( Perhaps they'll bring out more shades if it is popular? We can only hope!

    Thanks for the blog compliment, I thought it was time for a change :) xx


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