Friday, 20 August 2010

NOTD: Topshop Parma Violet

I've always loved Parma Violets, so when Topshop released a nail polish with the same name, I just had to buy it, especially as I have a bit of a thing for pastel nails! 

Here's a (terrible) picture of it on my nails;
It's a gorgeous colour in the bottle, a sort of bluish lilac. The first coat is very translucent and quite patchy, but don't be put off - the second coat makes all the difference. It's very easy to apply (quite a nice size brush, unlike some other brands) and it is long-lasting - I've been wearing it without a topcoat for four days now and it's only chipped once (middle nail, you can see it in my photo). It costs £5 for 8ml, so it's good value too. 

I have four of the Topshop shades now (plus the matte topcoat) and will definitely be buying more!


  1. Perfect nail colour for your blog, I love this shade. I have so many similar but I'm still insanely tempted. I'm loving Topshop make up. Wasn't aware they have a matte top coat though!


  2. The matte topcoat is AMAZING. I'll do a post soon :) xx


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