Friday, 19 November 2010

Birthday birthday birthday birthday birthday!

It's my birthday today (28! Can't believe it!) so I thought I'd share the presents that my lovely husband bought for me. Well, not share exactly as I love them all too much to give away...

He also bought me a gorgeous necklace from Accessorize that I can't find a picture of ANYWHERE! It's a tiny white rabbit in a black top hat, on a long gold chain. It's great and really "me"!

I think you will agree that I have been thoroughly spoilt! Or is it spoiled? I'm never sure.

Images are from Google Images.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I just got the Naked palette too, what a coincidence (I had to buy it for myself though)

  2. Thank you!
    What a coincidence! I love it, will do a review soon :)

  3. What a good husband - I approve!

    Viva Glam Cyndi is my lipstick of the year! Also I have the ring version of your rabbit in a hat necklace.

  4. Wow, gorgeous stuff, lucky girl! A very happy belated birthday!


  5. Kirst, I am fast falling in love with VG Cyndi! It's so pretty.

    Thanks Georgie!

  6. Oooh, what do you think of the Naked palette? It's been tempting me for a while.

  7. I am properly in love with the Naked palette! Not using much else at the moment to be honest, apart from my beloved Woodwinked and Smoke & Diamonds.

  8. I nearly collapsed when I went into Boots the other week on the off-chance and they actually had the Naked palette in. I really thought I'd missed out. SCORE!

  9. Well I know I'm either getting Naked or the Black Palette for Christmas - muchos excitement!


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