Saturday, 20 November 2010

Purchases to report...

I went shopping with my birthday money this morning and came back with these beauties;
Topshop animal print jumper dress, £42

Topshop seam front leggings, £18

Accessorize floral heart earrings, £6

Accessorize "Aztec" nail polish, £4
I've had the jumper bookmarked for weeks so I was really pleased to find it in Cheltenham Topshop. The leggings are great too - the seam front makes them a bit different to the usual black leggings! I also had a lovely breakfast with friends, and a steaming cup of Earl Grey in Costa. A good day so far, having a Thai meal with my husband and my parents later on which I am really looking forward to.


  1. Love those ear rings and the nail polish.

  2. Wonderful Birthday purchases. I especially love the animal print jumper dress.

  3. Hello pretty!
    I took a look on your blog and I think it's so cute and interesting: I like so much the outfits that you propose.
    You have a new follower!
    I hope you visit my blog, too.
    I would be very happy if we could follow each other.

  4. The earrings are super gorgeous. Love them. I have Aztec too, but was wondering if it was maybe a bit too green... *ponders*

  5. I love Aztec, but it's a bugger to remove! I really want Pink Spice as (I think...) it's a MAC Bad Fairy dupe, but I can't find it anywhere :(


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