Saturday, 27 November 2010

Purchases to report, again...

Yesterday, I finally got paid for some work I did in October. This could mean only one thing; shopping! I made a couple of posts a while back about two pairs of wedges that I'd found and couldn't choose between, so was super excited to find a pair in Office that (imho) took the best features of each pair. Even better, they had £30 off so were only £37! Here's a picture;

I also treated myself to a super-cute heart print pussybow blouse from New Look, £22.99;

Final treat was a forest green scoop neck top from Topshop, which was £10. It's gorgeous and comes in many colours, but I couldn't resist the green one as it's my favourite colour;

No more shopping until after Christmas now...


  1. Great wedges and I love the pussy bow blouse.

  2. Thanks! The wedges are surprisingly comfortable, managed to dance 'til 3am in them yesterday :)


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