Thursday, 11 November 2010

Want: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks Dress

I am desperate to get my hands on this dress from the Pearl Lowe for Peacocks range when it is released on November 14th;
It will be priced at £45, which is a little more than I'd pay for an everyday dress but I think it's worth it as it looks very versatile. Only trouble is, I don't know what size to order! I am usually a size 10, but have read that the Pearl Lowe ranges are normally quite large so I don't know whether to order an 8 instead.


  1. What are you trying to do to me, showing me amazing shoes then this dress :)I agree it is amazing.

  2. It's fab, isn't it?! I've liked quite a few of her dresses but by the time I've got round to looking for them, they've always sold out in my size. This time, I am going to have to try harder!

  3. I ordered a 12 when I bought my spotty dress and it was mahoosive - luckily my mum managed to take it in a bit as it was the only size left on the website! My local Peacocks never has any of the Pearl Lowe dresses : (

  4. You would probably need an 8 now then, Allie!

    Worcester Peacocks sells socks and velour. I am going to have to risk it and order online.


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