Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tatty Devine sale purchase...

So, the annual January Tatty Devine sale started today.... 

Bought this gorgeous necklace for £13.50, was orginally £27:

I could have bought a million things, so I think I was very restrained. Plus, I didn't break any rules - jewellery doesn't count as clothing, right?

Tatty Devine sale is here, necklace I bought is here.


  1. Oh that's SO fun! And I'm muchly impressed with your restraint.

  2. My first thought was 'Aren't you on a ban' :P

  3. I am indeed on a ban, Oprah - a clothing, shoes and unnecessary cosmetics ban! I didn't mention jewellery ;)

    Thanks Alex :)

  4. Oh I ADORE Tatty Devine. And of course jewellery doesn't count as clothes, don't worry about it ;).



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