Thursday, 24 February 2011

I went to the charity shop and I bought...

The floral set includes six cups, six saucers and six side plates (which I like to call "cake plates") and was an unbelievable £2.25, whilst the Professor Umbridge-style cat cup and saucer set was £1.25. I saw them up in a branch of Acorns in Pershore this morning and just couldn't resist! My ultimate goal in life is to have a massive dresser/cupboard full of mismatched vintage cups and saucers, so this haul definitely helps...

Photos taken with our new camera - you can see that I need a lot of practise!


  1. I love collecting vintage tea cups. I have a bunch too.
    These are so pretty!
    Great Buy!


  2. Ooh I'd love to see them, Pearl :) x


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