Friday, 25 March 2011

Oh what can I do, I'm still dreaming of you...

Such a glorious day today! I added touches of coral and orange to my outfit and make up today, as I feel they are such spring-like colours. I went for one of my favourite lipsticks (Topshop Brighton Rock) and my underused MAC Melba blush. I don't know why, but I tend to overlook Melba in favour of more pinky shades. Photos were taken using my laptop's inbuilt camera, so look a little washed out I'm afraid! I've added the close up one of my legs as I'm always concerned about the size of my thighs but think they look ok in this picture! Perhaps I have been worrying about nothing all this time, or perhaps it's just a flattering photo...

Firework print dress: Dorothy Perkins
Camel cardigan: Topshop
Orange tights: Accessorize
Vampire blood necklace: H&M
Lipstick: Topshop Brighton Rock
Blush: MAC Melba

Plus the usual MAC Select concealer (NW15) and MAC Pro Longwear foundation (NC15).

What are your favourite spring shades?


  1. I love that dress, and the tights!

  2. I am a BIG lover of colorful tights, so I am loving your orange ones! Such a pretty spring color indeed.

  3. Thanks Hayley - the dress was a DP sale bargain last year, I think it was about £8. My dad bought it for me actually :)

    Thanks Pia, I also love colourful tights! I fancy some duck egg blue ones at the moment.

  4. I want the lippy and the blush now :) Don't know if they would make blonde me look silly though...I tend to stick to pinks.

  5. Go for it Anna! I think peach suits everyone actually :)


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